Pražská křižovatka OHP 2019

Prague Crossroads is again going to take part in the Open House Praha festival.

Interest of visitors in the last year festival confirmed that St Anne’s Church belongs to the architectonal jewels of Prague. As it is normally not open to public, you will have unique opportunity to see its insides and explore it as you wish. 

Let´s come and see on your own this year! 

Weekend 18 - 19 May 2019 10 am - 18 pm, Zlatá 211/1, Praha 1 (entrance from the street Liliová / Anenské náměstí)



The Homo Homini Prize was awarded during the international One World Festival to persecuted Vietnamese blogger Pham Doan Trang for the courage she employs while tirelessly pursuing a democratic change within her country, despite harassment and persecution. On her blog, Trang highlights the injustices committed by the communist regime and tries to explain to her fellow Vietnamese citizens that they too have the right to stand up against repressions. Despite being constantly intimidated for her actions by the state apparatus, she will not be discouraged. She has to hide, but she will not stop writing. Her recently published book, the 9th she has written, discusses democracy, and its circulation is strictly prohibited in Vietnam.

Photo © Eva Korinkova


Mrs Dagmar Havlová together with photographer Alan Pajer at the opening ceremony of the exhibition of photographs dedicated to the 20 th anniversary of the establishment of the Dagmar and Václav Havel VIZE 97 Foundation. 

Japanese Emperor Akihito, Prince Charles, Hillary Clinton, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Umberto Eco, Robert Redford, Bob Dylan or Joan Baez – these are some of the names of the personalities that visited the Foundation during these years and their representative selection is also part of the exhibition at the Prague Crossroads. 

Prague Spring is nearing its finishing, tickets for concerts were practically immediately sold out this year. The same applied for concert at the Prague Crossroads, where the siblings Aarón, Daniel and Pablo Zapico performed on 29th May.

The Via Foundation appreciated the strongest post-revolutionary stories of Czech philanthropy, selected by hundreds of people in a public poll. The ceremony took place at the Prague crossroads on May 24th. Four sculptures by sculptor František Skála went to those, thanks to whom we live better in the Czech Republic. 


At the beginning of May, Prague Crossroads hosted concert of the ACORUS centre celebrating its 20th anniversary. A famous Czech musician Tomáš Klus helped to gain finantial support for persons under the threat of domestic violence. The concert was wery successful regarding to visitors responses and the atmosphere of the St. Anne Church helped a lot as well. 

One world 01Once again, the Prague Crossroads will officially open the 19th year of the International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival ONE WORLD 2017. The festival will take place on Monday, 6 March, at 7.00 p.m., where the Homo Homini Award - in recognition of courage and dedication to the promotion of human rights, democracy and non-violent solutions of political conflicts - will be given.

Wings to the FutureThe official ceremony of the second year of the architectural competition INSPIRELI AWARDS, which supports young talented architects and designers from around the world, will be held at the Prague Crossroads on Monday, 13 February, i.e. on the day of the first anniversary of the death of prof. Bořek Šípek. The competition is held under the personal auspices of Mrs. Dagmar Havlová.


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