International Music Festival Dvořákova Praha (Dana Syrová, Executive Director)

The Dvořákova Praha International Music Festival has included Pražská křižovatka, which represents exceptional space thanks to its genius loci, specific atmosphere, and top quality acoustics, into the portfolio of its concert halls. The Pražská křižovatka premises are an excellent option for more intimate concerts and solo recitals.


Art fashion show Jitka Klett 2014 (fashion designer Jitka Klett)

The fashion show had a unique atmosphere in the Church of St. Anne. We recommend the facility as the right choice, if yoe preferred criteria includes uniqueness and a powerful atmosphere, which the building radiates. The guests of our evening were very excited about the composition of the fashion show, as well as the actual interior itself, and it left us all with a high aesthetic experience. We also highly commend the professional approach of the Foundation VIZE 97, which contributed to the pleasant course of preparations.


British Chamber of Commerce (Marcela Roche, Managing Director, British Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic)

The Prague Crossroads are breathtaking. The Church of St. Anne provided a unique atmosphere for the Guy Fawkes Night gala evening held by the British Chamber of Commerce and the professional staff ensured the event ran smoothly.


Gypsy Spirit awards ceremony – December 2013 (Open Society, p.b.c., Czeslaw Walek – Director; Michaela Kocáb Foundation, Michael Kocáb – Chairman of the Board)

In 2009, the first Gypsy Spirit awards ceremony was held at the Prague Crossroads under the auspices of Václav Havel. We have tried to establish a tradition in the appreciation of work in the field of the Roma integration. We are pleased that we have succeeded in restoring the tradition after a three-year pause and to build on it again at the Prague Crossroads, which according to the wishes of Václav Havlel should be a place of understanding, communication and convention. We would also like to thank Mrs. Dagmar Havlová for making the decision to continue with the set cooperation and once again grant the Gypsy Spirit project her patronage, as well as thank the Foundation VIZE 97 for its friendly cooperation.


Projekt Šance, o. s., in cooperation with Mlada Fronta, a.s. (Pavel Kozler, Project Manager of the Association)

Launch of the book of Master Olbram Zoubek – November 2013

After my experience with the facilities of the State Opera Prague, Vinohrady Theatre and the Municipal House, I can recommend the Prague Crossroads – Church of St. Anne as an exceptional place. You will be under the wings of its genius loci and receive a little something extra.


Czech Centres (Mgr. Vilma Anýžová, Director General) 

On 5.9.2013 we held a gala evening for the Czech Centres in the Church of St. Anne – Prague Crossroads. The representatives of cultural, political and business institutions gathered together at this traditional evening. It is an opportunity to thank our partners for their cooperation, establish new contacts and exchange greetings at the beginning of the new season. This meeting, which is a regular part of the meeting of the Directors of Czech Centres, was opened by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Jan Kohout, and was attended by around 600 guests. This year’s atmosphere was exceptional also thanks to the Prague Crossroads.


Komerční banka (Klára Loudová, Head of Marketing Events and Sponsorship)

Dear friends,

Please allow us to take this opportunity to thank you for your cooperation in the implementation of the event for VIP clients of KB, which took place on 7.11.2013 in the Church of St. Anne’s –Prague Crossroads. The honourable guest of the event and presenter was the architect Mrs. Eva Jiřičná. We thank the Dagmar a Václav Havel Foundation VIZE 97 very much for allowing us to rent this unique space, namely our thanks goes to Mrs.  Lenka Novotná for her very friendly approach and willingness to solve any of our requests. If it were not for the unique facilities of the Church of St. Anne/Prague Crossroads, the entire event would surely not have been such a powerful experience for our clients.


Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (Doc. ak. arch. Bohumil Chalupníček, Head of the Department of Architecture)

After many years, the academic ceremonies of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague have found their new place – at the Prague Crossroads – the Dagmar and Václava Havel Foundation.

 Up until 2008, our graduates only crossed the square to enter into an entirely new format of their lives. With their fresh diplomas in their hands, they came out of the dignified building, the world-renowned concert hall, filled with officiality, the sound of an organ prelude and the feeling of the finest quality convention. Oftentimes, they tried to subdue it with their efforts.

 Suddenly, everything has changed. At the successful end of their studies, they come to a place, which with its authentic esprit speaks volumes about its dramatic history, which they perceive as a much broader symbolism. Everything here is only suggestive, sensitively preserved and kept as testimony. The sacral and profane attributes of the place create an incredible composition. I believe that it reminds them of the sense of years lived studying at our school.  

 In their subconscious they accept their diplomas, which entirely belong to their student life. They became interested in directing the ceremony, the character of the music, they stopped taking their verbal performances as a formality. They perceive all directorial experiences that differ with each academic year. They want to stand their ground in their performances and always demand several tests.

 The inspirational settings of the place are perceived also by a number of people who have been granted an honorary doctorate, even the general public and entire academic community of the Prague AAAD, whose exceptional representatives have left their mark here in the spatial concept and number of significant solitaires.


DB Schenker (Ing. Tomáš Holomoucký, company executive and director)

Gala dinner on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of existence on the Czech market 

On 20.10.2011 we held a gala dinner for our customers at the Prague Crossroads. You can find numerous unique places in Prague, but Prague Crossroads offered us a one-of-a-kind and unique atmosphere. The event became an unforgettable experience for our 350 guests. The genius loci and extensive history of the place enabled us to emphasise our respect to our business partners and thus celebrate the significant anniversary of our company with due dignity. Moreover, people from VIZE 97 played a considerable role in the success of the event - Mr. Doležal and Mr. Zingopis, who willingly and flexibly helped us the entire time with preparations for our event. We are very pleased that we chose the Prague Crossroads for our celebration.


Československá obchodní banka, a. s.

We organised a social gathering on 2 December 2010 on the premises of the Prague Crossroads – the former Church of St Anne. The entire event was prepared well in advance. The representatives of the premises, particularly Mr Zingopis, were always extremely helpful, in all matters from showing us round the premises, dealing with technical matters, arranging the furniture, to assisting us at the event itself.


McKinsey & Company

In autumn 2010 we organised a celebration at the Prague Crossroads to mark the 20th anniversary of our company’s operations in the Czech marketplace. We chose the venue above all for its unique atmosphere. Thanks to the reliable and very obliging assistance of the Foundation’s representatives (and we particularly appreciate their flexibility in the matter of timing), we were able to hold a unique cultural and social evening for over 200 very important guests.


The Spanish Embassy

Cooperation between the Spanish Embassy and the VIZE 97 Foundation dates back to 2005. We were very fortunate to be able to use the splendid premises of the Prague Crossroads – St Anne’s Church – for various cultural events.

The concerts we held in the ancient surroundings of church of St Anne were splendid and our cooperation with the VIZE 97 Foundation has been an unforgettable experience. The helpfulness of the Foundation’s management and the professionalism of Mr Vangelis Zingopis, as well as his kindness and willingness have made the Prague Crossroads a venue to which we will always most gladly return.


Nachtigall Artists Management (Alena Nachtigalová, company representative)

Gala evening to mark the 20th anniversary of LINDE GAS In the Czech Republic

I’d like to express my thanks to the team of the Dagmar and Václav Havel Foundation VIZE 97, particularly Messrs. Zingopis and Doležal, for their very pleasant and obliging cooperation during the preparation and holding of the gala evening to mark the 20th anniversary of Linde Gas in the Czech Republic.

The beautiful surroundings of the Prague Crossroads are enhanced by the kindness and creativity of the people who look after the premises.

I will be very pleased to return to you with future clients.


SARA EVENTS s.r.o. (Tereza Tichá, sales & marketing manager)

We have used the premises of the Prague Crossroads in the past for holding social events for our clients. One of the most recent of these was on 17. 12. 2010, when the theme of the entire event was the Carnival in Venice. Our cooperation with Messrs. Jakub Doležal and Zingopis was very pleasant and they did their very best to accommodate all our requirements (including the most unusual ones).

We would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks for your cooperation in the past and look forward to more pleasant events in the near future.


Nomen PR s.r.o. (Hana Patrovská, company representative)

The Nomen PR agency has had the opportunity to organise events for its clients at the Prague Crossroads, a venue that is unique in terms of both history and atmosphere. It was a great pleasure to be assisted at those events by the people who are in charge of the Prague Crossroads and must thank them for their splendid cooperation. Particular thanks are due to Mr V. Zingopis.


Agentura Easy Prague (Karel Fišer, agency director)

Around the beginning of September 2007 our agency Easy Prague organised an international conference for the European Early Childhood Education Research Association (EECERA), subtitled “Exploring Vygotsky's ideas: Crossing Borders”.

Some 750 participants including research workers, educational practitioners, public officials and representatives of not-for-profit organisations from all over the world met in Prague to take this unique opportunity for an East-West exchange of experience. It was a great honour for us to organise this conference. When we were considering where to hold the official opening session we could think of no more suitable place than the Prague Crossroads, which was absolutely appropriate to the character of the event in terms of its capacity, location and overall arrangement, but particularly in view of its vision and. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff of the VIZE 97Foundation for their professionalism and willing cooperation. We were very pleased to be able to introduce this evocative location to the conference participants, who came to Prague from all over the world.


Charta 77 Foundation (Božena Jirků, Executive Director)

The Prague Crossroads is far more to me than a beautiful space, Although I always come across an interesting historical detail there or a remarkable piece of historical masonry in the centuries-old walls, what is most important for me are my personal experiences with this unique place – President Havel’s birthday celebrations with their sincerity and marvellous atmosphere, the joint St Nicholas bazaars held by our not-for-profit community, unique meetings with international celebrities - the guests of Forum 2000 and an other occasions... I always recall not only the powerful experience but also the relaxed, yet dignified atmosphere. After all to see and hear such personalities as Adam Michnik, Joan Baez, Suzan Vega, Zygmund Baumann, or Zdeněk Neubauer from a distance of a few metres is something one doesn’t forget. It’s etched on the heart.

As director of the Charta 77 Foundation I am always looking for an opportunity to organise some our events in these splendid surroundings. For instance the quiet and sensitive poet František Listopad received the Seifert Prize here, followed, the year after by Martin Magor Jirous, when the Prague Crossroads resounded to the music of the Plastic People of the Universe. The atmosphere was totally different when our prestigious prize was received “at his crossroads” by. We were the first to broadcast from here the benefit charity concert of the Konto BARIÉRY and I have been assured by our supporters and friends that it was an unforgettable experience for them to enter these premises.

Quite simply I believe that the Prague Crossroads, this long-deconsecrated church is a place with the sort of living sanctity that we need so much nowadays.


Strings of Autumn International Music Festival (Marek Vrabec, founding art director of the Strings of Autumn International Music Festival)

The Strings of Autumn festival has been cooperating with the Vize 97 Festival since 2004. In the course the 7 annual festivals some 13 unforgettable concerts by Czech and foreign artistes have taken place in the church of St Anne – the Prague Crossroads. This sensitively-restored space links in a remarkable way the sentiment of the past with that of nowadays and is therefore an excellent choice for a festival whose objective is to link the old and the new in an organic way. We are always glad to return to the Prague Crossroads, not only on account of its excellent acoustic and the genius loci of this location that audiences always appreciate, but also because of the wonderfully professional approach on the part of the Foundation, and Mr Vangelis Zingopis in particular. 


People in Need (Marek Vozka, executive director of the One World film festival)

The People in Need association has been using the splendid space of the “Prague Crossroads” since 2006. On the occasion of the official opening of the One World film festival we use these beautiful surroundings to award the Homo Homini prize to a person who has made a major contribution to the promotion of human rights, democracy and the non-violent solution of political conflicts. We are glad that the VIZE 97 Foundation enables us to award our prize in such a prestigious setting. The location, architectural design and facilities of the Prague Crossroads make it an ideal space for us, and we have had positive reactions to it not only from the prize-winners but also from our foreign guests, ambassadors, cultural attachés and other guests.

It behoves us to mention that the management of the VIZE 97 Foundation does its utmost to satisfy our requirements for organising the interior, ensuring technical back-up for events, the heating of the room, preparing the reception and other needs. Thank you.


FORUM 2000 Foundation

Every year Prague Crossroads is the place where Václav Havel opens the Forum 2000 conference. It is a beautiful space that helps us to ensure a dignified atmosphere for the meeting, while being friendly and business-like. Moreover Prague Crossroads is run by an excellent team which has always cooperated very well with us.   


Nadační fond Českého rozhlasu (Šárka Jurásková, deputy director)

Prague Crossroads captivated us at our first meeting 2008, when we held the fourth annual Firefly benefit evening there. Since then we have been going back there every year with our patron Aneta Langerová and each time we find new ways of incorporating this amazing space into our concept for our benefit evenings.

But it is not only thanks to the premises themselves that the Firefly team and all the participants feel so at ease at the Prague Crossroads. It is above all thanks to the helpful treatment we receive from the representatives of the building’s lessee – and specifically from Messrs. Vangelis Zingopis and Jakub Doležal. Whatever matters need solving during preparations for the concert, they are always willing to assist and do the necessary. In fact they share with us all the demanding preparations for the concert from at all hours.

We thank them very much for that help and are already looking forward to meeting them once more this autumn at the Prague Crossroads.


Graffitti Networks Grafix (Martina and Robert Jašek, proprietors)

It was an honour for us to organise a charity evening for the Chance4Children Foundation in the unique setting of the Prague Crossroads, in the former church of St Anne. We would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks for the opportunity to hold this outstanding even in this unique premises with their long history.

Prague Crossroads added an unforgettable atmosphere to this pre-Christmas gala evening and the succession of emotion-filled performances was a breath-taking experience for all the invited guests. During the evening photographs by the world-renowned photographer Rossano B. Maniscalchi were auctioned, with the proceeds going to the C4C foundation. The beauty of the black and white photographs was greatly enhanced by the interesting interior of the Prague Crossroads and so twenty photographed were auctioned bringing in the handsome sum of almost half a million crowns for C4C foundation.

We would also like to thank the man who was always willing to satisfy our requirements and obligingly assisted us to find appropriate solutions. We thank Mr Vangelis Zingopis for his very friendly and professional approach at the preparatory stage and during the gala evening itself, which was attended by the CEOs of Czech and multinational companies.

We thank everyone from Prague Crossroads and look forward to future cooperation!