The preservation of St Anne’s Church and its subsequent reconstruction would not have been possible without individual and corporate donations. Every financial gift, even the smallest one, brings us closer to completing the costly renewal and reconstruction of the Prague Crossroads. Although the premises have been used for various cultural and social events since 2004, work has continued to be carried out to this historically important building. We will therefore be very grateful if you decide to support our efforts to preserve this unique cultural monument.


Should you decide to financially support the further renovation of the Prague Crossroads, please fill in the attached form and send it to us. On the basis of the details supplied we will draw up a donor agreement, which we will send for signature to the address you supply in the form.


You can also send your financial gifts directly to the Prague Crossroad’s account No. 2102134244/2700 (UniCredit Bank Czech Republic, a.s.). If you choose this option,  please inform us about you gift at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . This email address is protected against spambots. To see it, JavaScript must be enabled, or you may call 00 420 234 097 811. This is essential in order for us to prepare a donor agreement and subsequently acknowledge your gift in our annual report or on our website.



Forms for Prague Crossroads donors

  1. Private donors 
  2. Corporate bodies 

Form - Private donors

Personal details




Personal identification
number or ID Card number:




Postal code:


Address for correspondence

(if different from main address)



Postal code:



Amount of donation:


Donation purpose:

Antispam control:

Do you wish to receive gratis the Annual Report of the VIZE 97 Foundation (once yearly)?

Do you consent to public acknowledgment of yout donation, including mention of your name, in the Annual Report or on the VIZE 97 Foundation website?

Všechny osobní údaje vyplněné v tomto formuláři budou použity pouze pro vystavení darovací smlouvy, případně pro každoroční zasílání výroční zprávy nebo uveřejnění dárce ve výroční zprávě Nadace VIZE 97 a na stránkách nebo na (pouze v případě zaškrtnutí této možnosti ve formuláři).


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