Vaclav Havel started a unique renovation of Saint Ann’s Church – Prague Crossroads, and we carry on his work.

We have organised for you a series of concerts with Jaroslav Sveceny and all the proceeds from tickets sales will be used to renovate the façade.


Project ‘Violins and Violinists’ represents five unforgettable evenings, each one on a different theme!

A series of unique charity concerts in Prague, a combination of music, celebrated master musical instruments and historical surroundings


Concert dates

28 7.2015 - Concert to mark the 265th anniversary of death of J.S. Bach, performers Jaroslav Svěcený, Zdeněk Rys, Dana Vlachová, Virtuosi Pragenses


27.8.2015 – Baroque Session – performers Jaroslav Svěcený and Jitka Navrátilová


30.9.2015 - Jaroslav Svěcený & Cigánski Diabli


13.10.2015 – Concert for all Generations - performers Jaroslav Svěcený, Ladislav Horák and Miloslav Klaus


21.12.2015 – Recital of Three Generations or The Glory of the Violin - performers Jaroslav Svěcený, Julie Svěcená and Václav Mácha



All concerts begin at 19:00. Guests are responsible to come to St. Anne´s Church – Prague Crossroads, entrace from Zlata Street, Prague 1 – Old Town



Václav Havel began a unique refurbishment of St Anne’s Church – Prague Crossroads – and we carry on his work. The proceeds from  the ticket sales will be used to renovate the façade. Thank you.




Ticket offices: TicketPro, TicketON, BohemiaTicket, ViaMusica


Public price


Sector 1:  999 CZK                                                                                                                          

CD signed by J. Svěcený included in the price of ticket


Sector 2: 599 CZK


Sector 3: 499 CZK


Sector 4: 399 CZK


reservations & PR service
telefon:  737 922 125   e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    


Jaroslav Sveceny – internationally recognized violin virtuoso and expert on stringed instruments. He has been charting for many years the rich yet little known history of Prague violins from the 18th to the 20th century. By dint of the combinations of music genres, famous master musical instruments and the historical surroundings this concert series will be truly unique!


Prague Crossroads – the initiative for the refurbishment of the desecrated St Anne’s Church, founded in 927 by Saint Wenceslas, came from former president of the Czech Republic Vaclav Havel. His vision was to create a suggestive venue for meetings, lectures, discussions, concerts, performances, exhibitions, happenings, and meditations.

We carry on the legacy and the work of Václav Havel. And now together with you because all the proceeds from the tickets sales will be used to renovate the façade of the church to which we invite you for our concerts.




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