2056The One World festival will be launeched on Monday, 3rd February 2014 in Prague Crossroads.


 One World Film Festival 2014 Will Discuss Work

Press Release – Prague, 28th January 2014

“Work” is the main theme of the 16th annual of the One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, which will be held from 3rd to 12th March in Prague and then in other 33 cities in the Czech Republic.


One World is trying to draw attention to the fact that after several years of an economic crisis, employment as a source of livelihood has become a daily topic for an increasing number of people. Work unites people because everybody deals with it – those who seek it, those who are afraid of losing it and those who have to spend too much time in it and are losing their private lives. "Work is a major theme for all of us. In the future, the society will also be increasingly confronted with the fact that work is gradually disappearing from the world. Jobs and employment are shrinking," says the festival director, Hana Kulhánková.

In the One World 2014 campaign, real people talk about their relationship to work as if they were talking about a significant other in their lives. A young woman with the caption "I hope we stay together" is afraid of losing her job. A man with the quote "Never satisfies me" refers to the three jobs he has to sustain his family. A man, originally from Indonesia, says: "Still can´t find it" while a Vietnamese businesswoman had a successful search and "she's very satisfied".

The main programme category, as well as the visual, will introduce the work theme in its breadth. We will look into areas where changes in the global market have a significant impact on the way of life of the locals. We'll see pressures faced by employees both in Asian factories and in European ones. The films will thematically touch on the situation of being overworked and burnt out, on unemployment and the emergence of new poor strata of the society, but also on migration, child labour in the global South or responsible consumption.

A brand new category, Endangered Families, is about those who are prevented from building interpersonal relationships by objective obstacles. It will offer several documentaries about young people unable to fit into the established system of work attendance and payment of bills. In The Power of the Media, the festival will focus on linking the virtual and real worlds, in the So-called Civilization on the transformations of the modern lifestyle. Journeys to Freedom will take the viewers to countries with non-democratic regimes where the People in Need organization works. As usual, One World will also introduce successful films in the Panorama category; some coming from the largest African human-rights film festival TriContinental held in South Africa. Films featured in the Main Competition and in the Right to Know category will compete for the festival awards.

One World 2014 prepared for its audience 4 premieres of Czech films: Pirating Pirates (David Čálek and Jakub Zahradníček), Olga 80 (Miroslav Janek), Beginnings (Linda Kallistová Jablonská) and Raduga (The Celebration of the Rainbow) by Zdeněk N. Bričkovský. The theatrical release will present Eugenic Minds (Pavel Štingl).

One World in Prague will again occupy 7 cinemas. A Small Hall in the Lucerna cinema will be added. In February, we will contact you with an offer of interviews with film-makers, film protagonists and prominent activists who accepted the invitation to the festival. The accreditation press conference will be held on Wednesday, 19th February 2014 from 11 a.m. at the People in Need's Centre – Langhans in Prague.

For more information, including this year's visual, please visit this web page 


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